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Our qualifications and scale

Our qualifications and scale

  • EC Certificate

  • FDA registration certificate

  • Business license

  • Technischer überwachungs-Verein

  • Technischer überwachungs-Verein


Why do you choose us

Shanxian Runte Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of disposable surgical suture and other medical instruments. The main products are: absorbable suture (flat / chromic catgut and PGA, PDO, PGLA, PGCL), non absorbable sutures (silk, nylon, polyester, polypropylene line line line), runte non sterile line, boxed line and suture needle (304, 420 series etc.)!

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    A professional manufacturer

    Single County Run special medical equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional medical supplies high-tech enterprises, the company since its establishment, our company has been engaged in medical suture needle, suture lines, polymer bandages, polymer splint, surgical forceps, surgical forceps Such as product development, production and manufacturing, has accumulated a large number of technical experience. Products continue to be safe, convenient, functional development, so that medical consumers feel lighter, more at ease and more secure.
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    A powerful product mix

    Quality is Our Culture Return Rate Is 100%
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    A flexible way of payment

    As an international group, we have flexible payment methods for you to choose. Our payment terms are as follows: T/T settled in foreign currency way, and you will remit money to our company designated foreign exchange bank account, which can ask for remittance within a certain time after arrival. L/C is settled by L / C. We ask you to pay the bill to the drawee bank after you open the letter of credit, that is to say, only after payment is made by the drawee bank, you can get the necessary documents to extract the goods. The international trade payment tools used by many PayPal users in the world can easily complete the payment abroad! An account is global and becomes a PayPal merchant and can accept more payment methods anywhere. Western Union is the worlds leading express remittance company, so far it has been 150 years old. Many banks are Chinas Western Union remittance partners. It takes about 15 minutes to pay in this way.

About Us

In accordance with GMP standard, we have established the whollyowned subsidiaries 
 Shanxian Runkang Suture Material Co. Ltd. and Shanxian Heidike biotechnology
 Co. Ltd. What’s more, now we have got the “Medical Device Manufacturing Enterprise
 License” issued by the Food And Drug Administration.

Shanxian Runkang Suture Material Co., Ltd is the biggest Catgut Plant in Asia and
 can produce 150,000 meters high quality Catgut Suture Materials each day. At the
 same time, The other factory can produce 1,200,000pcs surgical needles with thread
 each month, with sharp taper points and cutting points, free of burrs and easy 
passage into tissues.

All our products are in accordance with USP quality standards and requirements 
of FDA and exported to all over the world. Our sutures have the features of uniform
 wire diameter, good tension strength and excellent appearance. The quality of the
 products are consistent with the customer’s requirements.


Mobile:+86-13105409308 Telephone:+86-530-4660062

Email: info@suturescn.com
Address: Nanduan Wenhua Road, Shanxian, Heze City, Shandong, China 274300
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